20 August 2010

MM Vol 2 - 069 - Pantera

MM Vol 2 #069


"Cowboys From Hell"

................Genre: Heavy Metal...............
Music needs to be hard man!
Pantera is to Heavy Metal as ... ah .... say Matisyahu is to rap [Jewish rap]. Harsh?
Now the song "Floods" I really liked, hell, I even included it "The Definitive 1000 Songs of All Time". Just wasn't recieved so well by the general public. It has only recieved two votes ....... and they wern't positive ones either. When I purchased the Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" [yes purchased ... as in $$ ... i know, I know] it was for a retail shop I was managing in Hastings, NZ. Now, as odd as that might sound, trust me it was not intended for the shoppers delight in ear treatment. It was for me after hours, to listen too while counting the companies pennies! ~ crowbarred
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Pantera's breakthrough album, Cowboys from Hell, is largely driven by the band's powerful rhythm section and guitarist Diamond Darrell (as he was then known)'s unbelievably forceful riffing, which skittered around the downbeats to produce unexpected rhythmic phrases and accents, as well as his inventive soloing. Phil Anselmo displayed a vocal range that could switch from a growling shout to a high falsetto -- listen to him match Darrell's harmonic squeals at the end of "Cemetery Gates." The album gradually becomes more same-sounding as it goes on, but the first half, featuring such brutal slices of thrash as "Psycho Holiday," "Primal Concrete Sledge," and the title track, pretty much carries its momentum all the way through. ~ [Steve Huey, All Music Guide]
Eye c u
FYI: Allmusic.com gave a loveable 4 out of 5 stars. "Cowboys from Hell" ranked #25 on VH1's 40 Greatest Metal Songs. With an instantly recognizable guitar riff, "Cowboys from Hell" is one of the most popular Pantera songs. The song was featured as a cover in the video game Guitar Hero, and a live version of the song is featured in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. ~ [Source: wikipedia]
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This song has a crowbarred rating of 62.1 out of 108
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
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