17 August 2010

MM Vol 2 - 070 - Offspring

MM Vol 2 #070


"Defy You"

................Genre: Alt Punk...............
Yeah well? I defy you too candypants
"My websites [crowbarred.com, crowbared.blogspot.com, crowbarredunleashed & etc, etc, etc] are dying, yes i know. Mainly for the reasons I'm dying .... dying inside literally. My motivation is at a all time low, yet, I just compiled MM Vol 21 and that in a strange way has re-motivated me .... well at least for this article anyway.
I love music, always have and probably always will .... that is until the day i don't understand it anymore.
Soooooo, with this new found enthusiasim [thanks to Eminem, Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars aka vol 21] I am going to soldier on and give writing about music one more go - whether it works out ... lets see ~ crowbarred
I LOVEE you like a fat kid loves cake !
Defy You" is a song by punk rock band The Offspring. It was recorded (along with its own music video) in 2001 after the release of their CD Conspiracy of One for the movie Orange County. The song was also released as a single in December 2001. espite early claims that the song would appear on the next Offspring album at the time (which would become Splinter), it was never released on any of their albums save for their Greatest Hits compilation. An acoustic version of the song has also been recorded but never officially released. The music video for the song was recorded in November 2001, directed by Dave Meyers who also directed the video for "Original Prankster) and debuted on MTV on 8 December. It is mostly a performance video of the band playing in front of a shop where various events relevant to the song's title take place.
Offspring [someboy's kids?]
At the start of the video a suspicious man steals items from the store. Suddenly the police start running towards the man and he panics, only for them to tackle another man. He then walks past two dogs - one big and one small. The small dog barks down the bigger one. During the instrumental bridge, singer Dexter Holland walks into the store and buys water. After other events, the video ends with a group of nerds being teased by bullies. In keeping with the song's theme, they respond violently and are eventually left alone. The video soon after fades to black. .The music video also appears on the Complete Music Video Collection DVD. It was released in 2005. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
For m0re Offspring see MM Vol 1 #045

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Official Website for Offspring @ This addy & for other Information/Biography click this link > Here ~ crowbarred [because power is knowledge]

This song has a crowbarred rating of 75.9 out of 108
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