24 July 2009

MM Vol 2 - 091 - Datsuns

MM Vol 2 #091

The Datsuns

"Super Gyration"

................Genre: Garage Rock...............
art by fuckallnicknames
This entry will be written entirely in FireFox ! [Already hit first problem, can't slide graphics down page]. The next 9 songs in this countdown [#091 to #099] are some of the hottest new garage rock stars from the turn of the century. Garage rock has waned in the late part of this decade which is a shame as it was a breath of fresh air in 2000 ad. R&B, Hip Hop & rap are dominating 2009 and the genre Rock is slowly fading from mainstream. Where is Neil Young now with the song lyrics "Hey hey, my my, rock and roll will never die"? Rock critics will disagree and say "Rock" is still healthy, but one only needs to look at the Top 40 Singles charts to proove that point wrong.
I do not blame the artists such as Rihanna, Chis Brown, Black Eyed Peas & Eminem making their Genre interesting. It is the people buying their CD's. Maybe this generation of kids are just no longer interested in rock.
Yeah? Is that right?
Six months earlier people were telling New Zealand's Datsuns to give up. In mid-2002 London's music press was hailing them as "genius." By then The Datsuns had already been playing their brand of garage rock for six years, ever since they met at school in Cambridge and formed a band called Trinket. Back in 1997, as Trinket, they won the local radio station's Battle Of The Bands. The following year, now called the Datsuns, they won again. In the years that followed the group released only a handful of singles, all on vinyl and all on their own record label, Hell Squad Records. While beloved of student radio and known for their live Who-like performances, they were a relatively unknown group even at home. Things started to look up in March 2001, when a tour of Australia caused a bit of a stir, especially in Melbourne. Encouraged, the Datsuns made plans to take on London.
First it was the fickle London music press which flocked to the group's gigs, jostling with each other to hail the Datsuns as the greatest thing they'd seen. Record companies followed, waving cheque books in the faces. One major label boss flew in from New York to check out the action. Their London tour of duty had started with the band sleeping on other people's couches. Before long at least one hopeful record company was fronting hotel bills. In July 2002 the band signed with the V2 label. ~ [Ed Nimmervoll, All Music Guide]
For more Datsuns see MM Vol 2 #098
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For Eminem see Def 1000 #932
For the Who see Def 1000 #429, #556
Overview of writing in FireFox. Inserting images was a nightmare. Hyperlinking external links was difficult. Inserting pasted text was a no go, unless i dropped it into html & then it wouldn't show the links. Highlighting links in colour was also a nightmare. Copying links from Chrome to FireFox almost felt like sabotage. Inserting downloaded pictures took forever, while FireFox scanned for viruses.
Good points: It was nice and fast on the operating system, no freezes, stalls or brain farts like IE does. Moving up and down highlighted text, Firefox had a nice design for this.
So overall, I guess FireFox is great for html only, but not good for use on external platforms like blogger or wordpress. So in short i will not being using FireFox for this format! [pssst .. i had to finish this entry on Explorer]
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this isnt rock, its shit

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Its the shit? Or it is shit?

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