19 July 2008

MM Vol 2 - 126 - You Am I

MM Vol 2 #126

You Am I

"Heavy Heart"

Genre:Lazy Sunday
Hmmm ... Bruce Lee as a Green Lantern? Sounds lethal. Anyway, I am introducing a new Genre called "Lazy Sunday" .[I don't think Ive used it in MM Vol 1] I cannot take the credit for the naming of this Genre as it was released as a series of CDs here in New Zealand. >Click here for a peek<
Basically, "Lazy Sunday" is a collection of slower, more mellow music, bordering on trippy or meditational. I don't know who's brainchild it was but is a fantastic concept of putting songs together, probably to be enjoyed on a Sunday drive or just sitting on the back porch with a joint. I liked the series/concept so much I decided to give other music like this the "Lazy Sunday Genre" which you will see in other upcoming mellow mix volumes. This new genre comes in really handy for bands like "You Am I", who are brilliant by the way.
We're here for the interview
Centered around the prolific songwriting skills of singer/guitarist Tim Rogers, pop group You Am I is one of the most successful and internationally admired Australian bands of the '90s. At home, they've scored three number one albums, Sonic Youth and Soundgarden are counted among their admirers, and Silverchair even named themselves after a You Am I song. Their influences combine the Who, the Small Faces, the Jam, the Clash, and the Replacements.
UK tour beckons
Their breakthrough came at the inaugural Lollapalooza-style Big Day Out concert in January 1993. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth was impressed enough to produce their fourth EP, Coprolalia, followed by eight days spent in Canon Falls, MN, where Ranaldo helped produce the band's first album, Sound as Ever. Steeped in stripped-back guitar-riff pop delivered with Tim Rogers' characteristic strained vocals, Sound as Ever won You Am I the 1993 Australian Recording Industry Association award for Best Alternative Release. (One of the album's singles, "Berlin Chair," later provided Silverchair with half its name.) During the following year's Big Day Out concert tour, You Am I captured the attention of Soundgarden, who invited them to fill the support spot on the band's next American tour. You Am I took time off during September 1994 to record another album at Green Street Studios in New York. Full of concise pop songs, Hi Fi Way earned You Am I the first of its Australian number one albums, plus a handful of ARIA awards. The '60s retro concept album Hourly, Daily followed and was recorded and produced locally in Sydney. In June 1998 You Am I released the return-to-basics album #4 Record. The following year, You Am I invited friends and fans to a warehouse in Melbourne and over two nights recorded the live album Saturday Night, 'Round Ten. ~ [Ed. Nimmervoll, All Music Guide]
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