20 July 2008

MM Vol 2 - 124 - DC Talk

MM Vol 2 #124

DC Talk

"Consume Me"

Genre:Christian Rock
art by lolzipan
This song on Mellow Mix Vol 2 came about because my eldest son was entering a, well, religious stage. You know what it's like, we're all searching for something. Unfortunately for me I'm Agnostic, so I will have to wait till the lights a fully turned off, either that or wait for a man to fly down on a flying horse [flying horse?] and deliver us from evil.
Yeah, I know, I'll have to wait till the lights are turned off.
But anyway, my son came home from a religious bash with a copy of DC Talk and played it consistently for weeks, the song "Consume Me" got stuck in my head and eventually got included in MM Vol 2. Now, I don't normally listen to Xtian rock [Whats Creed & Lifehouse then?] as it can get over the top most times, but I have to say, I quite like this song. Oh and don't bother emailing me to convert me .... God doesn't need door to door salesman or to put a better way, by Captain Kirk ..... "What does God need with a spaceship?"
You seen a fella on a horse?
The first gospel act to incorporate hip-hop influences (though the trio rarely departs from standard pop/rock), dc Talk became one of the most popular groups in Christian contemporary music during the mid-'90s, when their fourth album, Jesus Freak, made the highest debut for a gospel act on Billboard's album charts. Formed in Washington, D.C., during the late '80s, the group first comprised Toby McKeehan and Michael Tait. Adding Kevin Max Smith to the lineup soon after, the group added elements of hip-hop to their self-titled debut album, which appeared in 1988 on the ForeFront label. Neither McKeehan, Tait, nor Smith were comfortable playing instruments on their recordings, so each recorded only vocals by the time of 1991's Nu Thang. After the release of Free at Last just one year later, dc Talk concentrated on touring for several years, during which a change of image resulted in the group's resemblance to a grunge band. Indeed, 1995's Jesus Freak featured more raging guitars, though within the medium of harmonic pop/rock. Upon its release, Jesus Freak sold more copies than any gospel album in history and eventually moved over one million copies. Supernatural followed in 1998. ~ [John Bush, All Music Guide]
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This song has a crowbarred rating of 67.8 out of 108

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