25 July 2009

MM Vol 2 - 089 - Default

MM Vol 2 #089



................Genre: Alt Rock...............
art by chrisKid
Wouldn't this song be better suited for Daredevil? Hmm, Thats what i thought. The soundtrack to Spiderman is pitched directly at the nu-metal/rap-rock/post-grunge crowd. Many of the bands do try to tie into the theme of Spider-Man -- Alien Ant Farm has "Bug Bytes," Chad Kroeger of Nickelback offers the dour anthem of "Hero" -- and some songs distinguish themselves along the way: the Hives display why they're rightly touted as an antidote to generic modern rock with "Hate to Say I Told You So," the Strokes toss in their B-side worthy "When It Started," and Pete Yorn gives listeners his gentle "Undercover." ~ [Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]
What has Default been up to recently? According to Default's blog on their official website, the band was originally hoping to have their fourth album finished and ready to be released by the summer/early fall of 2007, but the date was postponed to March 2008. TVT Records filed for bankruptcy in February, and was sold in a private auction to The Orchard, an online independent music distributor. The album is currently finished, and a tentative release date of March 2009 was announced in mid-2008, but the material was not released. In an audio interview with Alternative Addiction Radio, it was announced that the new record, Comes and Goes would be released in September 2009 via EMI Canada Records. The first single is "All Over Me." ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
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