27 May 2009

MM Vol 2 - 111 - Dido

MM Vol 2 #111


"Thank You"

Genre: Pop
art by junkfood
Yes, you're right ... it's another song leftover from Mellow Mix Vol 1 that didn't have a home ... till now. I have been away awhile, i know. There has been turmoil in my life that needed fixing, so i put on my carpenters apron and fixed it, just don't count on it to stay standing for to long. At least once again i feel like writing and what a better way then to write a few entries in MM Vol 2 till i feel ready again for Definitive 1000. Now, i haven't been completely idle with the music sites, i have updated MM Vol 1 visually, which gives you all the songs on one page [gotta digg that] and also i have done MM Vol 2 visually up to its current number. Not forgetting that you already know Definitive 1000 is already visual ... of course you didn't!
So here we are, Mellow Mix Vol 2 #111, the sexy [if not georgous] Dido and for once, Eminem gave us something that was not totally tongue in cheek, what a nice change.
art by starfishy
The title notwithstanding, this debut from the former Faithless singer is pretty angelic-sounding stuff. You're bound to think of Sinéad O'Connor, but the comparison is as misleading as it is inevitable. Granted, Dido's ethereal vocals here frequently recall O'Connor; but Dido's music -- while inventively augmented with electronics -- is generally less adventurous. Ditto No Angel's lyrics, which focus almost exclusively on love, lust, and relationships. That said, the fact remains that this is an auspicious and highly listenable album -- atmospheric, seductive, and beautifully produced and sequenced. ~ [Jeff Burger, All Music Guide]
For more Dido see MM Vol 1 #002
For Eminem see Def 1000 #932
For Faithless see MM Vol 2 #115
This song has a crowbarred rating of 81.1 out of 108
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