10 August 2008

MM Vol 2 - 120 - Space

MM Vol 2 #120


"Ballad Of Tom Jones"

Genre:Indie Pop
art by Dyoxide
I received a lovely email from the Tom Jones fan club a few months ago asking me why i categorise Tom as a "Crooner" in my Definitive 1000 songs of All Time. At the time of writing about Tom and some of his songs, i just automatically put him in the same category as Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, to be honest i don't know why i did, it just felt right. So i thought about it for a while and conceded he wasn't a "crooner" but more of a "vocalist" come "pop" singer and as any decent writer would do, faced with a gang of Tom Jones fanzines armed with Wii light sabers and Grandma Mary's panties from 1961, i changed his category .... quick smart. As for this song by Space? I thought it was a good song, 10 years later ..... i was right. ~ crowbarred
you looking at me?
Before the release of Tin Planet, lead vocalist Tommy Scott made reference to the album as being one of the finest pop records ever made. Preceded by the powerful single "Avenging Angels," the expectations were set high. What actually was delivered, however, is more of the same with a slight twist. Tin Planet is not very different from Spiders, apart from the fact that some of the more Bacharachian influences seem to have succumbed to disco. The album includes several standout tracks, including the duet in "The Ballad of Tom Jones" with Cerys Matthews of Catatonia. Also, there's the conventional pop of "1 O'Clock" and several traditionally Space-y tracks like "Begin Again," the paranoid "Be There," and "Bad Days." It's an album that fans will adore (especially after repeated listens), but is unlikely to impress any new listeners. ~ [Jason Damas, All Music Guide]
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This song has a crowbarred rating of 75.9 out of 108
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