01 October 2009

MM Vol 2 - 081 - Oleander

MM Vol 2 #081


"I Walk Alone"

................Genre: Alt Rock...............
art by tsuri
Oh OK? It's been a while then? Oh, .... August 10th, 2009, in Definitive 1000? ..... Really? You're telling me! Anyway it's good to be here to, ah, get the feel of writing again before i head back to "Definitive" and attempt it once more even if i cannot complete it due to financial or unforeseen reasons. So here we go ... on with the countdown with MM Vol 2 circa 2000 ad. Oleander, yes i know, a mere blimp on the radar from 1999, but kudos go where kudos need to go .... they were pretty fucking good. They performed exceedingly above other contemporaries of their genre, but alas, not the reviews or praise they deserved.
As of 2003, their last studio album, there have been talks of re-uniting and probably best put by Thomas Flowers on his Twitter/Facebook entries ..... "I just picked up a guitar and started thinking about the guys, and the places we’ve been and the people we’ve met, and the music that we left behind. There was just so much left that I wanted to say and that I wanted to write" ~ Thomas Flowers: Oleander [Man, i hope they do another album ~ even if it's just for me :)]
Yeah, i couldn't afford the sleeves, sigh
An alternative pop band from Sacramento, CA, Oleander enjoyed a brief flash of popularity in 1999, when the singles "Why I'm Here" and "I Walk Alone" found a home on mainstream rock radio. The band was originally formed in 1995 by singer/guitarist Thomas Flowers, guitarist Ric Ivanisevich, bassist Doug Eldridge, and drummer Fred Nelson, Jr. Named for the poisonous wildflowers growing throughout the Northern California region, Oleander made their studio debut in 1996 with a self-titled EP; a full-length album, Shrinking the Blob, followed in mid-1997. The latter record launched a local hit with "Down When I'm Loaded," and Oleander parlayed that success into a major-label deal with Universal. February Son arrived in 1999, sporting the two aforementioned singles as well as a new drummer, Scott Devours. February Son reached gold status by mid-2000, and the band's experimental follow-up effort, Unwind, spawned a Top 40 hit ("Champion") in 2001. Unwind failed to gain much traction beyond its one single, however, and Oleander were soon sent packing from the Universal label. Signing with Sanctuary Records instead, they issued Joyride in 2003 and received a strong review from Rolling Stone magazine. The album didn't return Oleander to national popularity, however, and the musicians soon began pursuing different projects, effectively breaking up the band in 2004. ~ [Andrew Leahey & Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide]
This song has a crowbarred rating of 88.1 out of 108
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