21 June 2009

MM Vol 2 - 100 - Apollo Four Forty

MM Vol 2 #100

Apollo 440

"Stop the Rock"

................Genre: Electronica...............
For the next 15 or so songs are based on tracks from either Triple J Hottest 100, Sound tracks or from popular culture of the time period, late Twentieth century to early 21st century. These songs were my attempt to er, ah, accustom to "new age" music and as i have always stated ..... the mission of Mellow Mix in the first place. To my surprise there were some songs that i did actually enjoy and not just MM Vol 1 or 2 but all volumes that will appear one day in the future. In fact, the mission was a success due to the fact i took a gamble on this new age material and in many ways has made me the diverse creature i am now and thankfully not stuck in a time period listening to Led Zep, Doors and the Beatles solely for the rest of my life.
Honest... we're astronauts!!!
No need to worry about Apollo 440 turning intelligent in the wake of electronica's growing experimental leanings. Their third album overall, Getting High on Your Own Supply is a ride through sampladelic breakbeat that's just as mad as 1997's Electro Glide in Blue. Seemingly oblivious that even their youngest listeners could spot their samples, Apollo 440 pillage Led Zeppelin and Status Quo (among others), blending styles from trance, ska, hip-hop, dub, and disco with a tossed-off feel that's quite charming. From the breakout single "Stop the Rock" to the unabashed, old-school silliness of "Cold Rock the Mic" and a remix of last year's "Lost in Space" theme which fuses black metal with jungle breakbeats, Getting High on Your Own Supply is another dumb but infectious party album to file alongside Fatboy Slim's You've Come a Long Way, Baby. ~ [John Bush, All Music Guide]
For Led Zeppelin see Def 1000 #422, #577, #957
For Doors see Def 1000 #729, #746, #851
For the Beatles see Def 1000 #489, #587, #894, #947
For Status Quo see Def 1000 #413
For Fatboy Slim see Def 1000 #786
This song has a crowbarred rating of 64.7 out of 108
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