25 July 2009

MM Vol 2 - 090 - Cold

MM Vol 2 #090



................Genre: Alt Rock...............
art by Bybu
After listening to Cold from Mellow Mix Volume 1 #024, I would have to say Mellow Mix finally gave me a new band to like and want to find out more. This rock, was something that i could dig and best of all, it was modern, so move over Led Zep while i rock to a new beat for a moment. As fate would have it, after Cold, came Muse, Filter, Fuel, Drowning Pool, Godsmack & Vast ... to name a few ... that at least made it enjoyable to listen to modern rock in the Millennium and actually to the point of liking it more than the classics in a way. It was exciting and new and it eventually lead me down a path of discovering the "unknowns" of Alt Rock bands for the future ... only later to become famous bands in their own right. Who would of thought this classic rock listener had an ear for up and coming modern rock? Not me.
Put it this way ... It's the best cold i have ever caught! Wachoooo!
Hey Scooter!
13 Ways to Bleed on Stage is the second studio album by American Post Grunge band Cold, released in 2000. The album bears generally dark themes such as drug addiction, relationship troubles, and social indifference. Guest vocalist include Aaron Lewis of Staind and Sierra Swan. Singles for the album included "Just Got Wicked," "End of the World," "No One," and "Bleed." Most of the said tracks had music videos which saw moderate airplay on MTV2. The majority of singles off 13 Ways also received significant radio play and were instrumental in launching Cold into the mainstream music scene. "Just Got Wicked" appears on MTV: The Return of the Rock, Vol. 2, ECW: Extreme Music Vol. 2: Anarchy Rocks, and the soundtrack to the video game Jet Grind Radio. "No One" is featured on the soundtrack to the film A Walk to Remember. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
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