26 June 2009

MM Vol 2 - 096 - Goodshirt

MM Vol 2 #096

Good Shirt


................Genre: Pop Rock...............
American icons
America has lost a few iconic personalities in the past few weeks. First it was David Carradine then Ed McMahon and now today [26th June 2009] Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. All of them, popular 1970's icons. Two songs of Michael Jackson are already in the Definitive 1000 that i have written, one being more of a tongue in cheek at #580 & the other one far more seriously at #621. Now, i could apologise for poking fun at him but i have never
disrespected his music, only his bizarre lifestyle. I prefer to remember him for his music and he was the only artist to earn the right of the title "The King Of Pop"
Right, I'm gonna sit here for a while and look at my old poster of Farrah Fawcett that i had on my bedroom wall from 70's. [Insert Homer Simpson quote here]
Look! ..... Squirrel!
Goodshirt was an innovative New Zealand pop/rock band from Grey Lynn, Auckland. Its members were Gareth Thomas, brothers Murray and Rodney Fisher and drummer Mike Beehre. Goodshirt first came to prominence in 2000 with the independent release "Green". After a string of further singles, the band's debut album Good was released in August 2001. Early Goodshirt tracks were self-produced, often using secondhand and homemade instruments and most frequently recorded in Murray's garden shed. A few more singles were released off the album (through their own label 'Cement' - linked to EMI New Zealand). One of these, "Sophie", reached No.1 on the NZ singles chart in 2002 . Following this success the album was released in Australia, Canada and Japan. A second album, Fiji Baby, was released at the beginning of 2004. Its notable singles include "Fiji Baby", "Buck It Up" and "Lucy". Goodshirt disbanded in 2004. Rodney Fisher has since played with Breaks Co-Op but now lives and records in London, England and two other members are now in Auckland band Voom. Gareth Thomas plays accordion and keyboard with Steve Abel and his group The Chrysalids. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
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