01 June 2009

MM Vol 2 - 107 - Puretone

MM Vol 2 #107


"Addicted To Bass"

................Genre: Electronica...............
art by RJD37
Excellent song from 1998 or 2002? [I get conflicting dates for release of this song]. Who would have thought Australians would know anything about Electronica? I'm pretty sure I'm writing this with tongue in cheek. House and Techno was all the rage in Europe by now [1998] and Grunge was dying a slow death, actually to be more specific, Rock in general was dying slowly. I'd rather call it hibernation but now that it's 2009 and I'm not so sure. At least Kings Of Leon and Silversun Pickups are keeping Rock alive to some degree for us lovers of traditional non-computerised instruments.
Mark my words, one day there will be a song released into the charts that will be made solely by a Guitar Hero mixing studio. Frightening stuff.
We're pure
Puretone's Josh Abrahams has been passionate about music since he can remember, but his serious involvement in it began when he started going to raves in the early ‘90s. He was living in Melbourne and as he became drawn into Melbourne’s underground dance scene, he decided to join forces with drum ‘n’ bass producer Davide Carbone and acid house DJ Steve Robins. Together they became the Future Sound Of Melbourne, performing alongside numerous international artists at warehouse parties in and around the city. Their first single was released on the 2 Thumbs label and soon found it’s way into Carl Cox’s record box, becoming an immediate favourite in his set. In 1996, Josh’s debut solo album ‘Satyricon’ was also released on Cox’s label - Worldwide Ultimatum Records - to great acclaim (it was one of the top twenty records of the year in Muzik magazine).
I'm AMP'd
In the same year, Josh supported Carl Cox on his tour of Australia, picking up a huge following along the way. In 1997, Josh started working on a series of solo projects with various other labels. It was in the same year that he began to collaborate with fellow Australian, Baz Lurhmann, the maverick film director who brought us Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet and the Golden Globe winning blockbuster, Moulin Rogue . Out of this union, Josh co-produced the killer track ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen, as well as Lurhmann’s album ‘Something For Everybody’. During this time Josh was first introduced to the singing and song-writing talents of Amiel Daemion. So impressed was he by her talent, they co-wrote tracks on his solo album ‘Sweet Distorted Holiday’. The album was a certified dance-floor classic in Australia and spawned the single, ‘Addicted To Bass’. ~ [Source: Artist Direct]
Addicted to Bass?
music vid screenshot
The original 1998 music video featured Amiel at GL Pro Sound, a high-end car audio store in Essendon, Victoria, sitting in a car, with installers working in the boot and back seat of a VN-VP Holden Commodore and a EF-EL Ford Falcon, installing various audio equipment. The Soundstream woofers were often shown operating on the heavy bassline of the song. Rockford Fosgate amplifiers and Alpine head units were also featured. The song also enjoyed a strong critical response. It was nominated for the Australian Performing Right Association "Song of the Year" in the awards held in May 1999 but lost to "Buses and Trains" by Bachelor Girl. Abrahams was nominated for five Australian Recording Industry Association Awards in 1999 including "Record of the Year" and "Music Video of the Year" for "Addicted to Bass". While "Addicted to Bass" lost out to "The Day You Come" by Powderfinger in the "Record of the Year", he won in the "Best Independent Release" and "Best Dance Artist Album" categories for Sweet Distorted Holiday. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
For songs off Romeo & Juliet see MM Vol 2 #109 & MM Vol 1 #047
For Powderfinger see MM Vol 1 #007 & #035
This song has a crowbarred rating of 84.9 out of 108 pts
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