06 April 2009

MM Vol 2 - 113 - Cam'ron

MM Vol 2 #113


"Hey Ma"

Genre: Hip Hop
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Sourcing new music in 2001/2002 led me to this song by Cam'ron. Like today and back then i used Top 40.com to find what was happening in the planet musically, albeit at that time it was utter shit and to be blunt .. still is in 2009/2010. But, there are some fairly decent gems that did come out at the turn of the century, yes, the Cam'ron song was one of them. Why? Because although it was a somewhat of a hip-hop song [yawn] it had this different style and beat to it, cruisy even, laid back and dare i say lackadaisical .. but most of all listenable! Cam'ron still records to this day but has faded under the radar with the likes of Jay-Z and 50 Cents dominating his genre, who [Cam'ron] ironically hates their guts [although Cam'ron would probably say "dislike"] which unfortunately he is struggling to compete with, even though he is the better artist/performer.
ahhhh .. shit me undies!
Just when seemed as if everyone had forgotten about Cam'ron, he returned in 2002 as part of Jay-Z's industry-dominating Roc-a-Fella collective. If that wasn't reason enough to inspire curiosity, Cam'ron's lead single, "Oh Boy," blew up urban radio all summer. His rugged rapping and Just Blaze's soulful production made "Oh Boy" the huge success that it was, yet the joy of hearing Cam'ron on the radio again also had a bit to do with the revival. The Harlem rapper had fallen off the map after S.D.E., his poorly received album from two years earlier. Just two years before that, Cam'ron was one of the industry's most promising pop-rappers. His first album, Confessions of Fire, produced several singles, including his collaboration with Mase, "Horse & Carriage."
50 cents? you ain't worth no dime
However, 1998 felt like the distant past in 2002, and Cam'ron needed a big comeback after falling into obscurity during the interim. Come Home With Me is indeed that big comeback. Even though members of the Roc-a-Fella roster appear on only two songs -- "Welcome to New York City," featuring Jay-Z, and "The Roc (Just Fire)," featuring Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel -- Cam'ron doesn't really need the assistance here. He comes hard on most tracks, yet his muscle is complemented well by producer Just Blaze and his trademark sampling style. Just Blaze doesn't produce every track on this album, but he does provide the key moments: "Oh Boy" and "The Roc (Just Fire)." Overall, Cam'ron couldn't return with a stronger comeback album than this: he's affiliated with one of the industry's most successful labels, graced with a hot producer, and armed with a dynamite lead single. ~ [Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide]
This song has a crowbarred rating of 55.8 out of 108
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