18 August 2008

MM Vol 2 - 119 - David Gray

MM Vol 2 #119

David Gray

"Please Forgive Me"

art by truetrueevil
Gut wrenching, dripping in honesty and justfyingly with a touch of despair. I love this song and especially the album too. There is something to be said about a heart broken/starving musician, its at that time, they write the best music and for proof ... have you noticed, David Gray has not released anything as good as "White Ladder"? And the reason why? Because hes now wealthy and happy.
Have you seen Morpheous?
David Gray's fan base is strong and active. They have seen him through his years with Virgin Records, during which time he was applauded for his talent, emotive voice, and songwriting skills yet never quite broke through to a mainstream audience. White Ladder showcases Gray like never before; it's an album of such depth and quality that one would be hard-pressed to ignore his talent. Each song is strong and superbly crafted, both in terms of arrangement and delivery. The standouts, "Please Forgive Me" and "This Year's Love," are touching and likely to bring a tear to the eye of the listener. This album is definitely a much-needed addition to any quality music collection. With any justice, it will finally bring David Gray the success that he so rightly deserves. ~ [Jaime Ikeda, All Music Guide]
This song has a crowbarred rating of 101.8 out of 108
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