12 February 2009

MM Vol 2 - 115 - Faithless

MM Vol 2 #115


"Muhammad Ali"


Genre: Lazy Sunday
I have never been [that] very much interested in this genre of music [trip hop], its, ah, you know, lacking a drum or a shredding guitar solo [Yes, I know, that's why i made the Mellow Mix series in the first place, just to escape normal rock] but hey, if you give me a chance, I gotta tell you, i really, really, digg this song. In fact, this song is so well done craft wise, right from the lyrics, vocals and down to the beat, it won me over first time listening to it. I might be a nobody on this planet, but it kudos regardless. "So you will be seeing a lot more of Faithless in your Mellow Mix volumes to appear in the future"? you bellow ... Well no, actually only 4 in total to date [2009], 5 if you count a hybrid remix with Darude. Lets just say I don't want anyone to ruin "Muhammad Ali" ..... not even Faithless :)
Sting like a bee
A prime house-pop group and consistent club act, Faithless is at its core a duo of producers Rollo and Sister Bliss. Before the group officially came together in 1995, Rollo had produced a previous club hit ("Don't You Want Me" as Felix in 1992), plus an album for Kristine W. and remixes for the Pet Shop Boys, Björk and Simply Red. Sister Bliss, a piano and violin prodigy from the age of five, converted to acid house in 1987, and quickly became one of the UK's best house DJs, also recording several singles as herself. Though the two had begun producing together as early as 1993, Faithless became a stable quartet two years later with the addition of vocalists Jamie Catto (previously in the Big Truth Band) and Maxi Jazz (from the Soul Food Cafe Band). The group reached worldwide status the following year with the singles "Salva Mea" (one of the biggest dance hits of the year), "Insomnia" and "Reverence." The debut Faithless album, also titled Reverence, appeared in late 1996 on Rollo's Cheeky Records, and was picked up for distribution by Arista the next year. Sunday 8pm followed in 1998, and was reissued in 1999 with a collection of remixes titled Saturday 3am. A comedown mix album, Back to Mine, appeared in early 2001, just before Faithless returned with Outrospective. In 2004 the band released the quieter than usual No Roots, with a new member (LSK) adding vocals. ~ [John Bush, All Music Guide]
Muhammad Ali (song)
"Muhammad Ali" is a song recorded by British dance band Faithless. It was released in the UK as a single on 23 September 2001, and was the second single release from the group's third studio album Outrospective. The German release was a DualDisc containing a CD audio side and a DVD side. Muhammad Ali reached #29 in the UK singles chart.
The single is about one of
Maxi Jazz's heroes and major influences Muhammad Ali, whom inspired Maxi to believe in himself and rise above racial taunts when he was younger.
Lyrics from Muhammad Ali:
"You know what skinny little me started to struggle,
10 years old suddenly bold
Cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring,
Be smart never give an inch, "
One of the single covers contains a section of a picture from the
Ali vs. Liston fight after Ali had knocked Liston to the floor. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
For Simply Red visit Def 1000 #737 & #791
This song has a crowbarred rating of 76.2 out of 108
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