28 May 2009

MM Vol 2 - 109 - Quindon Tarver

MM Vol 2 #109

Quindon Tarver

"When Doves Cry"

Genre: Pop
art by EJP2007
The song, "When Doves Cry" didn't even make it to the original release of the soundtrack "Romeo & Juliet" from 1996, it was released on the companion or as we call it Vol 2 or, if you're from Hollywood, the sequel. Yes, i did find that surprising. It was definitely one of the better songs from the film, but in saying that, all the music in the film was quite good and funnily enough, I actually enjoyed the film too, considering they were talking in very odd English.
Ah yes, Shakespeare, the godfather of mean poetry and scribe. Anyone who writes words like Doth, Hath and Thou, can becloud the most of us. But alas and no, stuff poor ole Yorrick. But i do wonder what Shakespeare would do with modern 20th century classics like Rambo or Star Trek if he could do re-makes from this time period. Lets DNA clone him and let the comedy begin.
Doth, hath huliet!
Baz Luhrmann's garish, flamboyant adaptation of +Romeo + Juliet was hyper-kinetic and colorful, boasting a heavy inspiration from the visual style of MTV, so it's only appropriate that the soundtrack was tailored for the alternative nation that MTV fostered. Combining modern rock acts like Garbage, Radiohead, the Cardigans, and the Butthole Surfers with contemporary soul like Des'ree and adult alternative like Gavin Friday, the album is slick, polished, catchy -- and surprisingly strong. Though the soul and pop is good, the alternative rock acts on the soundtrack fare the best, with Garbage and Radiohead both contributing excellent B-sides ("Number One Crush" and "Talk Show Host," respectively), with the Cardigans' sleek, sexy lounge-disco number "Lovefool" stealing the show. ~ [Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]
Yea Yea, but who is Quindon Tarver?
Hath dove wingeths?
Quindon Tarver (born August 4, 1982) is a solo African-American singer. Tarver studied at the Collin County Community College in his home town of Plano, Texas. After finishing the Quad C Theatre program, he worked with Chris Stokes, who is responsible for acts such as IMx, B2K, Gyrl, Monteco, and MQ3. His Virgin Records debut album featured the songs "It's You That's On My Mind" and "Dream About You". He is most recognized for his 1997 cover of Prince's "When Doves Cry" for the film Romeo + Juliet as well as his performance on the chorus of the album version of "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" for the same film and its subsequent remix "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)". Quindon appeared in the music video of Madonna's Like A Prayer as part of the church choir.
He also auditioned for the
seventh season of American Idol, and was eliminated in the Hollywood rounds. Quindon Tarver has started a youtube channel called QuindonTarverInc and is currently studying law at the University of Texas. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
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For Radiohead see Definitive 1000 #415, #640 & MM Vol 1 #137
For Cardigans see Definitive 1000 #862
For Butthole Surfers see Definitive 1000 #393
For Des'ree see MM Vol 1 #47
For Prince see Definitive 1000 #812 & MM Vol 1 #136
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