31 May 2010

MM Vol 2 - 071 - POD

MM Vol 2 #071


"Youth Of The Nation"

................Genre: Hardcore...............
future politician?
According to TopTens.com the best 10 songs ever released from P.O.D. are the following [all links play a preview of the song playable in itunes only - oh, btw, you can vote there too] #10: Rock the Party (Off the Hook), #9: Boom, #8: Will You, #7: Execute the Sounds, #6: Roots In Stereo, #5: Going In Blind, #4: Truly Amazing, #3: Southtown, #2: Alive [this would be my number 1 choice] #1: Youth of the Nation.
Three other songs by P.O.D. that just missed out were ... #11: Addicted, #12: Sleeping Awake & #13: Goodbye for Now. Now if you disagree with any of these selections or [they] just plain forgot a song .... start voting !! ~ crowbarred
adults leading a nation of youths astray
While they play around with the infectious grooves of reggae and Latin music as well as the heavy deliverance of hip-hop and rock, San Diego's hard rock four-piece P.O.D. has defined a universal message. They're born-again Christians and their faith takes a central place in their music. Formed in 1992 in the SoCal neighborhood of San Ysidro, Marcos (guitar) and Wuv (drums) relished the music they grew up on. San Ysidro or "Southtown" was a multicultural area, but working class. While Marcos and Wuv were fond of their jazz and reggae roots, they were young punks in the making. Both loved the gnarl of grunge and took to liking Green Day, Pennywise, Bad Brains, and the Vandals. They got a band together, P.O.D. (short for "Payable on Death"), with Wuv's hip-hop MC cousin, Sonny, and aimed for something real. Cleveland native Traa joined in 1993 and P.O.D. were on the map. A year later and with the buzz still going, P.O.D. hit the road with Ozzfest 2000 and shared dates with Crazy Town and Staind for the MTV Campus Invasion tour. They also ventured into films, contributing several songs to various soundtracks. "School of Hard Knocks" proved successful in the Adam Sandler comedy Little Nicky in 2001, whereas additional tracks featured in the Al Pacino sports thriller Any Given Sunday and Ready to Rumble maintained P.O.D.'s growing status. A second album for Atlantic, Satellite, was recorded with Howard Benson in spring 2001. Benson captured the magic once again, for P.O.D.'s stature exploded later that year, hot on the heels of the spiritual chaos of debut single "Alive." "Youth of the Nation" scored again for P.O.D., as its positive mix of hip-hop, reggae, and hardcore punk defined a different kind of rock next to the likes of Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, and Korn. ~ [Source: http://www.artistdirect.com/artist/bio/pod/663885]
Youth Of A Nation
church of pod
"Youth of the Nation" was a hit single from P.O.D. in 2002. It was the second single to come from their album, Satellite. It was inspired in part by the school shootings at Santana High School and Columbine High School. While Satellite contained numerous hit songs, "Youth of the Nation" was the band's only #1 hit on the Modern Rock chart and reached #28 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song's inspiration stems from a trip when the band was on their way to record for Satellite. They were held up in traffic and discovered that the reason was a school shooting. The album was consequently delayed and they were inspired to write "Youth of the Nation." The song follows three distinct characters in assorted problems they face common to American youth. The music video for "Youth of the Nation" has the band performing the song in a room filled with photos of adolescents as seen on the single cover. It revolves around a group of teenagers taking a cross country trip in a car from New York City to what appears to be California. Directed by Paul Fedor, the video found significant airplay on MTV2. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
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Official Website for POD @ This addy & for other Information/Biography click this link > Here ~ crowbarred [because power is knowledge]
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