22 July 2009

MM Vol 2 - 093 - Betchadupa

MM Vol 2 #093



................Genre: Garage Rock...............
art by absurde
If man walked on the moon today, what would they say? Interesting concept, but a lot of people are still wondering even today if we had at all, way back in '69 .... and all done on the computing power of your average household calculator. So, since i am on a "TOP TEN" binge frrom "Definitive 1000" here are the "top 5" questions that bug me about the almighty jaunt mankind apparently took 40+ years ago [that i actually watched live]. #5. The flag blows in the wind. I have heard countless [noobs] explanations from digg.com to twitter. I can understand the flag "shaking" or "vibrating" but rippling? I don't think so Tim. >watch here<
#4. Why exactley, has Neil Armstrong maintained such a silience since that day and why is he so cryptic in his sparse interviews? For proof watch this >here<
#3: The hair marks on the film. Why are they so artificial? Crosslines that appear over targets and some disappear behind objects and sometimes both! It is impossible to happen unless doctored.
#2. Out of the 7 landings in all different areas ... how come 6 of the Apollo landings have the same hill in the background? C'mon, that borderers ludicracy. Something is OBVIOUSLY is awry here. >watch<
And the #1 biggy? It was bad enough the 1st Apollo mission had hi res colour recording on board the ship, but when they get onto the moon they record in low res black & white? But, hey let's make it even more impossible to shake your head ..... Nasa destroy [wipe over] the original tapes of the most historic advent of human kind and then ask Hollywood to re-create it for them? GTFO!!
At least we are all awake now :) Takes it away Betchadupa!
Neil, Liam & Tim
Well-known as the frontman of New Zealand band Betchadupa, in 2007 Finn released his solo debut I'll Be Lightning, which draws on his experiences from living in London in recent years. Finn chose to record the album entirely in analog at his father's recording studio, Roundhead Studios, in Auckland. During concerts, he creates an instrumental layering effect by using a looping effects pedal; he is also accompanied by backup vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Eliza-Jane Barnes (daughter of Jimmy Barnes). Liam and his father Neil covered The Beatles song "Two of Us" for the I Am Sam film soundtrack. Liam Finn also contributed a song, "Lucid Dream", to the soundtrack of 2001 movie Rain, a film that was directed by Christine Jeffs.
Liam Finn played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 14 March 2009 for Sound Relief, a multi-venue rock music concert in support of relief for the Victorian Bushfire Crisis. The event was held simultaneously with a concert at the Sydney Cricket Ground. All the proceeds from the Melbourne Concert will go to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire relief. Appearing with Finn in Melbourne are Augie March, Bliss N Eso with Paris Wells, Gabriella Cilmi, Hunters & Collectors, Jack Johnson, Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson with Troy Cassar-Daley, Kings Of Leon, Jet, Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, Split Enz and Wolfmother. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
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