23 January 2010

MM Vol 2 - 076 - Goldfinger

MM Vol 2 #076


"99 Red Balloons"

................Genre: Alt Punk...............
I said 99 balloons !
Like Smash Mouth, Puddle Of Mudd and Tenacious D, Goldfinger were another shot of fresh air in the beginning of the boring 00's [naughties, as it's now named]. Alternative Punk, fringe rock or self abusing ditties seemed to be the way of the future. As it cruelly turned out ... it didn't. But enough about you ... and more about them. Yes, Goldfinger was raw, short ... and catchy as herpes on a midnight bus to the movies .... but it rocked. And it was FAST. [just like all rashes wink]
So what were Goldfinger thinking when they decided to re-make a early 80's abstract/foreign pop hit by a chic called Nena into a alternative punk version for 2002?. Because they could, they knew it would sound better and most of all ..... it put food on their tables till they could think of another song to feed them.
Kudos for that!
Spot the gold? spot the finger?
Along with No Doubt, Sublime, and Rancid, the Los Angeles quartet Goldfinger helped contribute to a mini-U.S. ska-punk movement in the mid- to late '90s. The group was originally formed in 1994 by ex-Electric Love Hogs guitarist/singer John Feldmann and bassist/singer Simon Williams (who were both working at the same shoe store at the time), in addition to drummer Darrin Pfeiffer and an unnamed second guitarist (who would leave the group before any recordings could be issued and later become a pro surfer in Costa Rica). A friend of Feldmann's, Charlie Paulson, signed on shortly thereafter, playing his first show with the group just a day after being given a tape of their songs to learn. A six-track demo EP, Richter, was issued in 1995 and received favorable reviews and a substantial amount of airplay on college radio, leading to Goldfinger signing a major-label contract with Universal. Their self-titled full-length debut hit the record racks a year later, spawning the popular single/video "Here in Your Bedroom" (a track that originally appeared on their EP), and the group toured alongside the Sex Pistols, No Doubt, Reel Big Fish, and the multi-band festival the Vans Warped Tour. ~ [Greg Prato, All Music Guide]
Stomping Ground
Wrong Goldfinger you dolt!
As far as punk bands with a ska edge go, Goldfinger writes and performs punchy, three-minute slices of adrenaline as well as anyone, with the notable exception of Rancid. Of course, the whole genre is haunted by the specter of the late, great Clash, who did it better than anyone else. On Stomping Ground, Goldfinger shows a little more versatility. The beginning of "The End of the Day" almost has a Kinks feel to it. "Bro" is Soundgarden-heavy. Goldfinger still hasn't matched their breakthrough "Here in My Bedroom" from their 1996 debut, but "I'm Down," "San Simeon," "You Think It's a Joke," and a cover of Nena's "99 Red Balloons" (interesting choice) highlight a fine album that's the logical next step for a still-maturing band, an adjective that doesn't often apply to a band in this genre. ~ [Mark Morgenstein, All Music Guide]
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