26 June 2009

MM Vol 2 - 094 - Gomez

MM Vol 2 #094


"Shot Shot"

................Genre: Alternative...............
art by Andycap
In Mellow Mix Volume 1 #051 I told you of this wondrous song i found, it has been ten years since then and nothing has changed. But, finding another song by Gomez, just as good as, has been a difficult task. Take this song, "Shot Shot" by Gomez, although i have found it to be their second best song over a period of time, it is only half as good as "We Haven't Turned Around". Maybe discovering the first song has set the bar to high for them to beat? I think the answer lies in my question.
I had always thought Gomez would have been big as Radiohead or Muse [even bigger] in time and only in a matter of time. I was wrong, but it does not diminish their craft or professionalism ..... the reason for Gomez never achieving, i guess, just came down just to pure fate and nothing more. For they did deserve it, that i do know.
Ok buddy, where's our instruments?
Gomez is back with their third proper album, following the B-sides and rarities collection Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline. The time off has served them well, as In Our Gun has all the elements that made their debut so great, and then some. The album starts strong, with "Shot Shot sporting a great up-tempo Gomez groove with some tasty sax touches that show up on several tracks. As the album unfolds, it seems the Gomez boys have been listening to quite a bit of dub. There is also a bit more in the way of electronica influence and sound processing on some tracks, but Gomez never forget they're a rock band. In fact, one of their strongest assets is their ability to absorb and integrate musical influences and still sound like no one but themselves. Even though "Ruff Stuff"'s odd synth sounds and the weird psychedelic interlude in "Drench" haven't been heard from these guys before, there's no mistaking that it's Gomez. They cover a lot of musical territory, from ballads like "In our Gun" and "Sound of Sounds" to "Army Dub" to the rousing closer "Ballad of Nice and Easy," with all the effortlessness displayed on Bring It On. Great songs, cool arrangements, and excellent production; In Our Gun is another winner from Gomez. ~ [Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide]
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This song has a crowbarred rating of 83.3 out of 108 pts
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