06 June 2009

MM Vol 2 - 105 - Chemical Brothers

MM Vol 2 #105

Chemical Brothers

"Leave Home"

................Genre: Electronica...............
art by zemotion
Another hangover song from "Gone In 60 Seconds" soundtrack. After hearing the lyrical beat of "The brothaz gunna work it out" 200 times the song becomes brainwashed into your skull.
Now apparently, the artists formally known as "Dust Brothers" and as we know them now, Chemical Brothers are the pioneers of the "Big Beat" Electronica sound which spawned other artists like Fatboy Slim, Prodigy & Crystal Method, some of these artists have already appeared in Mellow Mix Vol 1 and Definitive 1000 Songs of all Time.
So, who are the Chemical Brothers?
While growing up, both Rowlands and Simons grooved to an eccentric musical diet, ranging from the Smiths and Jesus and Mary Chain to Kraftwerk and Public Enemy. They met while taking the same history course at Manchester University, though neither were native Mancunians -- Rowlands enrolled because of the legendary Ha├žienda nightclub nearby, while Simons acknowledged the city as birthplace to the Smiths and New Order. The pair began sampling Madchester's vibrant nightclub scene together during 1989 and 1990, just at the peak of Britain's fascination with a DJing style named Balearic. Pioneered at the island hot spot of Ibiza during the mid-'80s, Balearic relied on a blend of early house music, Italian disco, rare-groove jazz and funk, Northern soul, hip-hop, and alternative dance. Original Balearic DJs like Trevor Fung, Paul Oakenfold, and Mike Pickering brought the sound back to indie clubs in London and Manchester, and the style proved very attractive to musical eclectics like Rowlands and Simons.
When lawyers for the original Dust Brothers came calling in 1995, though, Rowlands and Simons were forced to change to change their name to the Chemical Brothers (the proposed Dust Brothers U.K. was turned down). Word on the street and nightclub scene was so good that it hardly mattered; their new residency at the Heavenly Sunday Social quickly became one of the hottest club nights in England -- documented on the mix disc Live at the Social, Vol. 1 -- and their debut album, Exit Planet Dust, was heavily praised by critics. Another fan of the record, Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, agreed to lend his vocals to a future single named "Setting Sun," the Chemicals' tribute to one of their own favorites, the Beatles*' "Tomorrow Never Knows." The single went to number one in late 1996, and the Chemical Brothers opened up for the giant Oasis concert at Knebworth besides headlining their own shows all over the world. ~ [John Bush, All Music Guide]
* The three remaining Beatles' lawyers later wrote to the Chemical Brothers, mistakenly claiming that they had sampled Tomorrow Never Knows. Virgin Records hired a musicologist to prove that they did not sample the classic 1960s psychedelic song. ~ [Source: Wikipedia]
For Fatboy Slim see Def 1000 #786
For Crystal Method see MM Vol 1 #073
For Oasis see Def 1000 #574
For Beatles see Def 1000 #489, #587, #894 & #947
This song has a crowbarred rating of 60.1 out of 108
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