19 June 2008

MM Vol 2 - 128 - Faith Hill

MM Vol 2 #128

Faith Hill

"Just To Hear You Say"

move over cameron diaz
I can hear all the women in America (and the world) feeling sorry for poor ole Faith Hill. Imagine, beautiful, intelligent, sings like an angel, wealthy and is married to Country's number 1 main man, Tim McGraw. Must be terrible. Now all the females know how I feel when it comes to Shania! Yes, thank you, I have heard Shania is now available, but I'm not a male country singer, so I have no hope! [plus, I look silly in a cowboy hat]. Faith Hill has never had a Number 1 hit on the US Hot 100 (which surprises me, although she has had a Number 2 with "Breathe"), However, Faith has had 9 Number 1 hits on the country charts (which is a pretty phenomenal effort). Now, if you add Tim McGraw's 21 Number 1 Country Hits (yup, Tim also has not had a Hot 100 hit either, his highest being Number 7 and ironically ... that was with Faith Hill!) they amass a gobsmacking 30 Number 1 Hits, imagine their mantle piece? No room for any candles or photos. As powerful as this couple are, one cannot forget what they do for charities and other like minded causes. They are not just Country stars ... they are in fact Human stars. ~ crowbarred
Mr & Mrs McGraw
On her third album, simply titled Faith, Faith Hill put all her chips on a big pop crossover move, picking songs by Diane Warren and Sheryl Crow to sing and giving the entire album a sleek, glossy finish that makes it as comfortable on adult comptemporary radio as it would be on country radio. This may not be country in its sound but it is in its sentiment, as it celebrates love -- there are no heartbreak songs here, just love songs -- hope and optimism, where "The Secret of Life" is a good cup of coffee, mom's apple pie and a beautiful woman: all things that make it comfortable, mature pop. Unlike Shania Twain, Hill never goes for big, outsized gestures -- there's no glamour or glitz here, nor is there much humor, as there is on The Woman in Me and Come on Over -- she goes for cozy and comforting, and while that can make Faith a little bit too warm and fuzzy (and despite its sheen, it does feel warm) for some tastes, it nevertheless is an expert middle of the road pop album, one that goes down easy, one that blends into the background yet is melodic and endearing enough to be listened to closely, and that's due to Hill's strong voice and open personality. This is before she became a diva -- it's what gave her that status and while that is a subtle difference, it is nonetheless an important one. ~ [Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]
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This song has a total crowbarred rating of 80.1 out of 108

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