08 September 2006

MM Vol 2 - 139 - Th' Dudes

MM Vol 2 #139

Th' Dudes

"Be Mine Tonight"

Only the back to do ....
What better way to kick of music from the year 2001/2002 than a song from 1979. Huh? It's OK, you're allowed to be confused. Sort of like this chap here on the right. Right?
The Mellow Mix volumes were an experiment at the time. They were designed to make me listen to new music that came out in any certain year, this way, it would stop me listening to just Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin ...etc. Still, it was hard not to have classics at the end of any given volume. Hence Volume 1 has Pink Floyd, Prince, Radiohead, Hootie etc at the end. Remember, new music can be scary stuff, back then I had never heard of Grinspoon, Blue Boy, LostProphets, you get the picture. Currently, it is the year 2008 and I have made 15 volumes and to be honest, I actually enjoy the new music more so than I do the old .... most times.
So ... where are the girls???
Th' Dudes, a New Zealand iconic band. So, what is it like for them in 2008 .... thirty years later? All members are alive and well: Dave Dobbyn has a successful solo career; Peter Urlich is a DJ on George FM; Ian Morris produces records and writes advertising music; Lez White has been living in Sydney for 20 years; Bruce Hambling lives in Christchurch. After disbanding the band had never got together again until it was announced in 2006 that they would be embarking on a 10 date tour of New Zealand as part of Radio Hauraki's 40th anniversary celebrations. The eventual tour was 11 dates, but quickly expanded to 17 shows due to demand. In late 2007, they again went on tour on the "Summer of Love" tour of popular holiday destinations. ~ [Source:wikipedia]
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This song has a total rating of 90.2 out of 108
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