22 May 2008

MM Vol 2 - 133 - Lazlo Bane

MM Vol 2 #133

Lazlo Bane



Genre:Alt Pop
Trust us ..... we're professionals
Although Scrubs is no M*A*S*H, but its pretty darn close. Scrubs would have to be the most popular comedy from this millennium so far and that's a pretty easy feat as comedy on television is a dying art. Reality shows are drowning the comedy genre into an extinct species and as much as we want to blame the TV studios for comedy's demise, we must blame ourselves for making reality shows popular in the first place. Archie Bunker must be turning in his grave.
Lazlo Bane's "Superman" which features in the opening credits for Scrubs has a mildly interesting beginning .... "In 2002, Lazlo Bane released All the Time In the World. While it featured additional instruments and effects — such as violin, saxophone, and piano — it still was produced without assistance from a major recording label. This album is host to the band's most recognizable song, "Superman", because of its use in the hit TV-comedy series Scrubs. Series star Zach Braff (who has selective input on songs chosen for the show's soundtrack) was immediately struck by the song, and wanted to use it as the recurring theme song. The band initially was reluctant, and declined Braff's request. After a short while, they changed their minds and Braff and Fischer worked out an arrangement." [Source:Wikipedia]

Sarah Chalke
As for Scrubs they will be screening series 7, but only 11 episodes were made due to the writers strike. Series 8? On April 28, 2008, Zach Braff posted in his blog on MySpace that an eighth season consisting of 18 episodes was under production but that he could not say where it will be aired. He then stated on May 7, 2008 that the May 8, 2008 episode would be the final NBC-aired episode of Scrubs, which was followed by a bulletin on his MySpace confirming that Scrubs' eighth and final season will be moving to ABC, posted on May 12. In a recent video blog, Bill Lawrence stated that Season 8 will be more like the first few seasons tone-wise, with more of a focus on more realistic and dramatic storylines, and the introduction of new characters. On May 13, ABC announced that Scrubs will be a midseason replacement, airing Tuesday nights at 9PM ET. Steve McPherson, ABC's President of Entertainment, also stated that additional seasons of Scrubs beyond the eighth could be produced if it performs well.

This song has a crowbarred rating of 74.2 out of 108

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