18 May 2008

MM Vol 2 - 135 - 3rd Strike

MM Vol 2 #135

3rd Strike


Genre:Alt Metal
art by Baaldagg
The beauty of the Mellow Mix Volumes was always to introduce me to new, different, threatning (?) music. So what better than to listen to a "established" cover by a modern day alternative metal rock band? Sounded good to me. As it turned out and even though 3rd Strike is not highly regarded by people who get paid to slag in print. Actually, I was quite impressed by 3rd Strike's attempt, after all, it cannot be easy to record a song loved by millions of metal heads, knowing they are up for the electric chair if they get it wrong or butcher the classic. And they didn't.
Honest, we're musicians
Jim Korthe, lead singer for rap-rockers 3rd Strike, grew up in a bad neighborhood in Southern California. At a young age he joined a gang to avoid his unhealthy home life, but after growing up with violence and drug peddling, he left the gang to focus on music with his friend, guitarist Todd Deguchi. The two put together a makeshift lineup for 3rd Strike, but between several unsuccessful tours and Korthe's personal problems the band disbanded during the '90s. The two musicians continued to write together, and eventually re-formed the band with drummer PJ McMullan and bassist Gabe Hammersmith. They began recording when Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge heard their demo and connected them with his management company. By the end of 2001 they had recorded their debut, Lost Angel, which was released the following May. They supported the album at both the Ozzfest and Warped tours that summer. ~ [Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide]
This song has a crowbarred rating of 61.7 out of 108

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